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My name is Giuseppe and I am a teacher; I have created and tested my games with thousands of pupils over my years of teaching. The testing process (during lessons) have given me the chance to refine and modify the rules and the cards. My card games have been successful in two ways as pupils can use them as a revision tool but also as an introduction to the topic. Rules are quick to learn; in some case they are ‘adjustments’ of popular games such as pair, go fish etc., in other cases they are invented by me. All cards are originally designed and made by me.

This website and its related business is a one-man-show, meaning that I do everything from the creative stage to the printing and distribution phase: everything is home-made. Cards are finely printed on high quality card-size paper and they are shrink-wrapped and tucked in a luxury laminated box. Their quality is excellent, they are durable and smear resistant. Buy with confidence.


-To buy cards visit the relevant pages and click on the ADD TO CART button; this will allow you to purchase the games through PayPal (please notice, you don't have to necessarily have a PayPal account).


Please notice, in order to get a full class set it is recommended to get seven-eight decks. In fact, a deck works well with a group of 3-4 pupils; depending on how crowded your classes are you may want to get a suitable number of decks to keep all your kids busy.
If you wish to purchase more than one item of the same game, you can modify the amount in the shopping cart.
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